We are excited to announce that the Coalition has partnered with Big Water Consulting and NeighborWorks to launch a statewide study to better understand the current housing conditions and needs of Native American veterans living on South Dakota’s nine Indian reservations.

“The findings of this study will support the Coalition as we continue to increase access to homeownership resources for Native American veterans. It will also paint an accurate picture in our national policy discussions, ensuring federal programming aligns with the true needs of Native veterans,” says Cheryce Not Afraid, Director of the Coalition.

The first wave of the study begins today with surveys on the Cheyenne River, Crow Creek, Pine Ridge, and Rosebud Reservations. Second and third waves will begin in December and next spring, respectively, and will cover the remaining reservations throughout the state. The survey will capture general demographic information as well as more specific information regarding the respondent’s current housing situation, housing preferences, and housing challenges.

“We are putting out a call to all Cheyenne River, Crow Creek, Oglala, and Rosebud veterans to get in touch with us and answer the survey now. We’re also asking Flandreau, Lower Brule, Sisseton, Standing Rock, and Yankton vets to remain on stand-by, as their information will be critical in the coming months,” says Kimberly Long Soldier, the Coalition’s Homeownership Program Manager.

An online version of the survey can be accessed here. Veterans who wish to complete a paper survey can get in touch with a representative from their area.

Cheyenne River
Robert Dunsmore
(605) 200-9012

Michelle Running Wolf
(605) 964-4265

Crow Creek
Kay Koster
(605) 245-2059

Joe Shields
(605) 245-2250

Pine Ridge
Kimberly Long Soldier
(605) 455-2500

Monica Hunger Moran
(605) 747-2203

Orlando Morrison
(605) 747-2593