Coalition attends SDHDA Annual Housing Conference in Pierre

The South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition hosted a pre-conference session and quarterly gathering on Monday, October 27, prior to the South Dakota Housing Development Agency conference. The session provided an opportunity for Coalition members to network, share accomplishments, review Coalition progress and milestones, and conduct in-person committee meetings.

This year, for the first time, the Housing Conference offered a ‘Native Homeownership Track,” which included five conference workshops developed by the Coalition. Workshops focused on the following topics:

  • Making Native Homeownership Affordable: Subsidies, Loan Products, and other Funding Sources
  • Beyond the Myths: Leasehold Mortgages and Working on Tribal Trust Land
  • Preparing Families for Homeownership: A Look at Effective Native Homeownership Education and Counseling Models
  • Sustainable Design and Construction Methods to Ensure Long-term Affordability
  • Developing Successful Partnerships with Native Organizations