We recently commissioned two capacity-building needs assessments — one to identify specific capacity-building needs of housing practitioners and other Coalition members, the other to evaluate the barriers and opportunities for lenders providing mortgage financing on tribal trust land. We are pleased to announce the release of those assessment reports today.


Practitioner Assessment

The practitioner assessment was designed to address challenges faced by four key types of stakeholders in the homeownership process: 1) housing practitioners and their organizations, 2) potential homeowners, 3) the Coalition and its members, and 4) tribal leadership, as well as potential solutions to these challenges.

Download Practitioner Report

Lender Assessment

To assess the challenges associated with lending on trust land in South Dakota and to learn what lenders need in order to increase trust-land mortgage lending, this project surveyed lenders working across the state. Survey questions were aimed at developing a better understanding of the specific factors that affect applications for mortgages on Indian trust lands, mortgage origination on trust lands, institutional knowledge about lending on trust lands, and organizational practices that facilitate such lending.

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