During the Coalition’s Annual Planning Day, we presented the first data report from our ongoing data collection initiative, which began in 2016 with a desire to show the collective impact our member organizations are having on homeownership rates. Twenty-four organizations that provide homeownership training, assistance, and/or loans participated in the initiative.

The data, which was collected through a variety of methods, reflects loans closed, technical assistance provided, and classroom trainings offered from January 2017 through September 2018 by the participating organizations. The report highlights include:

  • 131 home loans totaling $7,064,300 were made to Native American families
  • Within those loans, $940,380 was provided in subsidies
  • A total of 4,997 hours of technical assistance were provided to 1,702 clients
  • 2,872 people attended a total of 488 classroom trainings

Other details included in the report were types of loans, land location and land status, types of lenders/packagers, and percentage of subsidies by type. In addition to this activity data the Coalition has implemented and annual activity report and data collection tool which highlights certified counseling activity, the types of trainings offered, partnerships, sources of subsidies, HERO certification, number of clients in loan pipelines, and the key impacts of participating in the Coalition.

This initial report is a brief preview into some of the data that the Coalition collects and reports on. In the future, more detailed reports will be available.

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