On November 5, 2018 the South Dakota Native Homeownership Coalition launched a week-long social media campaign designed to spread the message that “Native Homeownership is Possible” throughout Native communities in the state by utilizing the series of Native homeownership videos we produced. To help our stakeholders engage in the campaign, we developed a Social Media Toolkit with sample posts, a collection of shareable images, and hashtags.

We are pleased to announce that the campaign was incredibly successful! It gained momentum each day, and our message reached far and wide. Here’s what we accomplished:

  • Reached 11,869 people through Facebook posts.
  • Engaged 519 people through Facebook posts.
  • Drove 58 people to the nativehomeownership.com site to seek out homeownership resources or watch additional videos.
  • Accumulated 453 views of the videos in the “Native Homeownership is Possible” series.

And some more great news… The content we published during the campaign will continue to have an impact in Native communities. As a result of the campaign, we seeded the idea of homeownership in nearly 12,000 minds. Not all of those people will act right away, but 58 people did take the first step on their homeownership journey by seeking out more information on our nativehomeownership.com website. We can’t wait to see more and more Native families becoming homeowners!

Campaign Participants

The campaign was made possible by our stakeholders that mobilized to help spread the critical message that homeownership is possible in Native communities. We’d like to thank the following people and organizations for sharing and posting content to support a broader reach of the campaign’s messaging:

Juel Burnette

Chance Renville

CRHA Homebuyer Readiness

Andrew Boyd

Lisa Whitewing

Tony Wood

Dowell Caselli Smith

Northwest Area Foundation

GROW South Dakota

Enterprise Community Partners

Lakota Funds

Lakota Federal Credit Union

Homes are Possible, Inc.

Christine Sorensen

Ana Catches

Sweet Grass Consulting

Lesa Jarding